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December 2016 Archives

Wisconsin police accuse man of drunk driving

A person who faces criminal charges is likely unfamiliar with the process that follows his or her arrest. Fortunately, anyone who is arrested has the right to an attorney who has the necessary experience to provide advice and guidance throughout the criminal process. One man in Wisconsin may benefit from such assistance now that he faces felony charges related to drunk driving accusations.

Stakes higher for those accused of drunk driving in Wisconsin

Many people in Wisconsin are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol each year. Unfortunately, some people may be accused as a result of a faulty equipment or with little support of claims. Starting in 2017, those accused of drunk driving will face stiffer penalties.

Late night crash in Wisconsin leads to drunk driving charges

A car accident can happen at any time of day for a variety of different reasons. In addition to inattention, an accident can be caused by driver confusion or due to a medical condition. However, if a crash occurs at a certain time of day -- such as during the early morning hours -- police and other officials may be quick to believe that a driver was under the influence of alcohol without looking at other possible factors. Unfortunately, one woman was recently charged with drunk driving after an accident caused significant damage to her vehicle.

Drunk driving charges filed against Wisconsin woman

In recent years, there has been an increased effort in notifying the general public about the potential consequences of drinking and driving. While the consequences of such action can be extreme, these educational efforts can make people jump to conclusions about a person. A woman in Wisconsin was recently arrested on drunk driving charges after her boyfriend contacted police, claiming she was in her vehicle after she consumed alcohol.

Wisconsin State Police launch drunk driving campaign

As the holidays approach, most people in Wisconsin are thinking about the gifts they will buy and the meals they will cook. However, police are considering how they will prevent drunk driving. As a result, they have launched the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign.

Driver faces drunk driving charges following Wisconsin collision

During this time of year, many people in Wisconsin and across the country spend more time than usual socializing. Because of this trend, police officers are on the alert of drivers who may be under the influence of alcohol. However, because of their vigilance, they may assume that a driver -- especially one involved in an accident -- is under the influence regardless of the amount of evidence that supports their assumptions. For example, it is unclear what evidence supports the drunk driving allegations surrounding a recent car crash.

Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns drunk driving decision

While most people in Wisconsin and across the country are aware the United States Constitution provides a variety of different protections, many are unaware of the full scope of them. For example, some may not know that they are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. Unfortunately, dissenters of a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling argue the majority's decision in a drunk driving case could erode a person's Fourth Amendment rights.

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