Wisconsin State Police Launch Drunk Driving Campaign

As the holidays approach, most people in Wisconsin are thinking about the gifts they will buy and the meals they will cook. However, police are considering how they will prevent drunk driving. As a result, they have launched the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign.

Law enforcement officials claim that the goal of the program is not to make more arrests. Instead, they claim that they hope to serve as a reminder to drivers about the dangers of drinking and driving by being more visible on Wisconsin roadways. However, state police have employed additional officers to serve on the task force to conduct tests and make arrests.

As part of the campaign, Wisconsin State Police are expected to utilize roadside message boards to remind drivers not to drink and drive. Some statistics indicate that there were 24,000 drunk driving convictions last year in Wisconsin. The campaign is expected to last through New Year's Day.

While the campaign likely has a noble underlying purpose, it could predispose police officers in Wisconsin to assume that a person is drunk driving. Even if a person is driving erratically in an officer's opinion, such actions could be caused by a simple -- and fleeting -- distraction or medical condition. As a result, a campaign such as this could result in a wrongful accusations. Those facing such accusations often ask a criminal defense attorney to help them fully understand their options and make informed decisions regarding the direction of their case, including helping them evaluate the evidence against them.

Source: wbay.com, "Holiday season crackdown on drunken driving starts Thursday", Ted Miller, Dec. 14, 2016