Wisconsin DUI Defense Lawyers

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"There can be only one best." These aren't our words. These were the words used to describe the attorneys at Melowski & Associates in Milwaukee Magazine. Each year, the magazine publishes a list of the top attorneys in their respective fields as determined by a statewide survey of their peers. Dennis Melowski has been named to this list in the field of DUI defense every year since it began in 2005, the only attorney in the entire state to be so honored. Associates Sarvan Singh and Matthew Murray have also repeatedly been named Rising Stars in the field of DUI defense. Very few lawyers, in any field, have had the honor of being named to this list as many times as Dennis. Even fewer law firms can lay claim to the fact that all of their attorneys have been recognized in such a way by their peers.

Other lawyers know who the truly best attorneys are and they are those who get the best results for their clients. In the end, nothing else matters. So when you are looking around the Internet and you see website after website of self-described expert DUI attorneys, know what other lawyers already know. There can be only one best.