Driver Faces Drunk Driving Charges Following Wisconsin Collision

During this time of year, many people in Wisconsin and across the country spend more time than usual socializing. Because of this trend, police officers are on the alert of drivers who may be under the influence of alcohol. However, because of their vigilance, they may assume that a driver -- especially one involved in an accident -- is under the influence regardless of the amount of evidence that supports their assumptions. For example, it is unclear what evidence supports the drunk driving allegations surrounding a recent car crash.

The incident happened at approximately 8:30 a.m. one morning in late November. Police claim that a sports utility vehicle was eastbound when the driver veered into oncoming traffic. Although the driver of an oncoming dump truck attempted to avoid a collision, he or she was unable to do so.

Both drivers involved in the accident were transported to the hospital. There received treatment for minor injuries and were then released. The driver of the SUV has since been arrested, suspected of driving while intoxicated. The driver's identity has not been released.

The accused's blood alcohol content -- and how it was determined -- is unclear. Even given that the person may have been exhibiting signs of intoxication, many medical conditions -- including shock -- have similar symptoms. In order to obtain a conviction of drunk driving charges, Wisconsin prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt -- a standard that is purposefully set high in order to prevent wrongful convictions. To help ensure lawful treatment, many people facing such charges hire an experienced attorney to fight on their behalf.

Source: wsau.com, "Drunk Driving Suspected in Crash", Jeff Flynt, Nov. 30, 2016