Wisconsin Police Accuse Man of Drunk Driving

A person who faces criminal charges is likely unfamiliar with the process that follows his or her arrest. Fortunately, anyone who is arrested has the right to an attorney who has the necessary experience to provide advice and guidance throughout the criminal process. One man in Wisconsin may benefit from such assistance now that he faces felony charges related to drunk driving accusations.

Police claim that they became involved with the man because his car was blocking traffic. When confronted, police say the man was asleep and his car was running. They claim that they could smell alcohol when they interacted with the 28-year-old man and that the driver allegedly admitted that he had had a few drinks.

Reports indicate that the man was transported to the hospital where a blood test was administered. According to police, the test showed that the man was significantly over the legal limit allowed in Wisconsin. He was arrested and, because of previous arrests involving driving under the influence of alcohol, faces two felony charges as a result of the incident. If convicted, he could spend six years in prison.

A person facing prison often has difficult decisions to make. A defendant can attempt to fight the charges in court or negotiate for a plea deal that might include a reduction of the charges or sentence. Because of the seriousness of accusations related to drunk driving, those who hire an experienced attorney often have more confidence in the decisions which could have a significant impact on the rest of their life.

Source: Greenfield, WI Patch, "Drunk Greenfield Driver Was Passed Out in Traffic", Scott Anderson, Dec. 21, 2016