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Fight drunk driving charges with an experienced DUI attorney

A Wisconsin drunk driving stop can happen very quickly. One moment a Wisconsin driver is traveling down the road and in the next, his rearview mirror is filled with the flashing lights of a squad car. A thousand thoughts can run through a driver's head as he waits for the officer to approach his window.

Factors that can influence the results of blood alcohol tests

Last week's blog post looked at the efficacy of private breathalyzers for personal use. While those devices may give Wisconsin drivers a chance to assess their sobriety before driving, the results of a self-administered test will not be factored into an officer's decision to arrest a person for allegedly driving drunk. A variety of tests can be used to determine a driver's level of intoxication and those blood alcohol tests can be run on a driver's hair, breath, blood, urine or saliva.

Do private breath test devices actually work?

When a Wisconsin resident is pulled over and asked to submit to an alcohol breath test he may panic and want to refuse the process. Whether that person chooses to refuse to submit is up to him, but test refusal can come with serious legal consequences including an immediate license suspension. A person in just such a situation may wonder if there are alternatives to understanding his blood alcohol concentration that can be utilized before being stopped by a law enforcement official.

Wisconsin sheriff's deputy faces drunk driving charges

In many situations when a Wisconsin resident is stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, he must encounter a law enforcement official. The police officer or sheriff's deputy that he encounters is generally the one who initiated the stop of the driver and is the individual who will assess whether the driver is under the influence of alcohol. In a recent Wisconsin news story, a sheriff's deputy found himself on the other side of the squad car, facing drunk driving accusations and in the shoes of a suspected drunk driver.

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