What Penalties Could I Face with a Second DUI Conviction

The penalties for facing DUI convictions in Wisconsin are somewhat cumulative. That means the more convictions that a person faces, the more significant the penalties can become for those convictions. Though individuals should consult with their own DUI defense counsel to better understand their specific charges and possible outcomes, Wisconsin law stipulates that individuals receiving multiple DUI convictions can be placed in jail, lose their licenses, and can be required to pay heavy fines.

In Wisconsin, a first offense DUI is not actually a criminal matter. It will, however, stay on a driver's record and have an impact on the person's rights should the driver face a subsequent arrest for alleged drunk driving. A second offense conviction for drunk driving can cause a driver to lose the person's license to suspension or revocation or can require a driver to install an ignition interlock device. Such a device requires a driver to blow an alcohol-free breath into the machine in order to start a motor vehicle.

Though the aforementioned penalties are significant, other possible consequences can result that can deprive drivers of their personal freedoms. A second DUI conviction can land a driver in jail for a significant period of time and can force a driver to pay fines in excess of $1,000. Penalties for third, fourth, and more subsequent DUI convictions can build upon those discussed herein.

A first offense DUI conviction is a big deal even if it is not a criminal matter. How it can impact a driver's rights in the future should the person face another drunk driving charge is huge. For this reason, individuals facing their first, second, or more subsequent drunk driving charges can benefit from zealously defending themselves with the help of DUI counsel during their legal proceedings.