Drunk Driving Enforcement Patrols out in Force in Wisconsin

There is no question that Wisconsin's winter weather can cause dangerous accidents on local Sheboygan roads. Winter storms tend to hit in December, just as individuals begin traveling for the holidays and making plans for New Year's trips. However, law enforcement officials believe that there is another cause of roadway dangers during this time of year: drunk drivers. And unlike winter storms that are only within the purview of Mother Nature, drunk drivers are something over which Wisconsin police officers believe they can assert some control.

Last week this DUI defense law blog discussed some of the consequences that drivers may face if they are arrested and convicted of drunk driving crimes. Like previous years, police departments all across the state are stepping up drunk driving patrols through the first week of 2016. Though many departments claim that their efforts are intended to cut down on drunk driving crashes and fatalities, their patrols will undoubtedly yield a higher than average number of drunk driving arrests as well.

Drivers who are arrested for alleged drunk driving or driving while under the influence of drugs are encouraged to remember that they have rights. Despite the good efforts of law enforcement officials, it is likely that some innocent drivers will be stopped and charged without legal bases. Drivers who wish to defend themselves against their charges may contact DUI defense attorneys to help them in their legal fights.

Police officers will be out in greater numbers through the first week of January looking for drunk drivers. Impaired driving can cause accidents on Wisconsin roads, but police officers must be held accountable for the errors they make when they arrest individuals that have not broken any drunk driving laws.