A Drunk Driving Charge Is a Bad Way to Start the New Year

Municipalities across Wisconsin have implemented anti-drunk driving campaigns in advance of the winter holidays and New Year season. Police departments are encouraging drivers to limit their alcohol intake, have a designated driver in place and know the phone numbers of cab companies that they may utilize if they are left without safe options for getting themselves home. All of these suggestions are useful and may help some individuals avoid dangerous encounters on local roads. However, law enforcement officials will also be out in full force to stop and potentially arrest the drivers they suspect are operating their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol.

This drunk driving defense blog aims to provide drivers with education on how drunk driving charges can impact their lives. A drunk driving conviction can impose a slew of potential consequences on a driver, including but not limited to jail time and heavy fines. A driver may lose his right to driver due to a license suspension or revocation. Put simply, a drunk driving conviction can change the way that a person must live his life.

Some or all of these consequences could result if an individual is stopped during the holidays on suspicion of drunk driving. An arrest for drunk driving can seem like an insurmountable challenge to overcome. However, some individuals are able to successfully defend themselves and maintain their clean driving records. Enlisting the help of dedicated DUI defense attorneys can help when preparing and presenting one's drunk driving defense strategy.

The law firm of Melowski & Associates LLC zealously advocates for their clients and guides them through their options for creating a sound drunk driving defense. The firm's attorneys know that a drunk driving charge during the holidays can mean challenges all throughout the new year. They are prepared to consult with new clients and to work with them to seek out solutions to their clients' pending drunk driving charges.