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April 2018 Archives

1 accused of drunk driving after drifting into wrong lane

With no more than a few seconds of distraction, a vehicle can travel several hundred feet or even enter the opposite lane of traffic. Unfortunately, when police encounter a driver who has drifted into the wrong lane, they might be more inclined to suspect the presence of impairment, especially late at night. A 59-year-old woman is reportedly facing drunk driving charges following a traffic stop that took place under similar circumstances in Wisconsin.

Is your attorney taking your DUI charges seriously?

When you have an ailment or unusual symptom that causes concern, you go to a doctor and ask for advice. If the doctor's advice does not satisfy your concerns or leave you feeling better, you probably make an appointment for another doctor and perhaps another until you find a medical professional who will take your concerns seriously.

Collision leads to allegations of drunk driving for Wisconsin man

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a stressful experience. Once an accident occurs, drivers are generally expected to remain at the scene, as failing to do so could lead to severe consequences. A 32-year-old Wisconsin man has been accused of drunk driving after he allegedly fled the scene of a recent head-on collision.

1 facing drunk driving charges after falling asleep in car

There are numerous scenarios in which a driver may begin to experience fatigue behind the wheel. These can range anywhere from a reaction to prescription medication to a mere lack of sleep, or even a long day at the office. Unfortunately, a man has recently been accused of drunk driving after authorities found him asleep behind the wheel of his car during a traffic stop in Wisconsin.

New law brings increased penalties for drunk driving offenses

It is no secret that a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol can have a substantial impact on a person's life. With each successive offense, the penalties for drunk driving become more severe, and potentially include time behind bars and substantial monetary fines. However, this isn't the only concern one accused of drunk driving may face, as a new bill that was recently signed into law in Wisconsin will cause those convicted of a fourth offense or higher to have their driving privileges permanently revoked.

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