1 Accused of Drunk Driving After Drifting Into Wrong Lane

With no more than a few seconds of distraction, a vehicle can travel several hundred feet or even enter the opposite lane of traffic. Unfortunately, when police encounter a driver who has drifted into the wrong lane, they might be more inclined to suspect the presence of impairment, especially late at night. A 59-year-old woman is reportedly facing drunk driving charges following a traffic stop that took place under similar circumstances in Wisconsin.

According to law enforcement agents, the incident occurred at around 11 p.m. when they encountered a vehicle that was traveling in the wrong lane. Upon attempting to initiate a traffic stop, police advised the woman was quick to comply and that the incident didn't result in a collision. During the stop, they claim that field sobriety tests were administered, which they assert she failed to perform in a satisfactory manner.

The woman was taken into custody soon thereafter and is facing numerous charges, including drunk driving and driving with open containers in the vehicle. The penalties for similar charges are severe, and a conviction could have a devastating impact on a person's life. Those who face similar charges may wish to protect against undesirable consequences, but without the necessary legal knowledge, they might be unaware of their available options.

Being accused of drunk driving can be a harrowing experience. Since navigating the criminal justice system can be a complex process, a person in Wisconsin may find it advisable to seek assistance from an attorney in the initial stages. An attorney can work toward protecting a client's legal rights and provide guidance on the best course of action to take during subsequent court proceedings.

Source: wsau.com, "Wrong-way driver charged with OWI", April 23, 2018