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December 2015 Archives

Drunk driving enforcement patrols out in force in Wisconsin

There is no question that Wisconsin's winter weather can cause dangerous accidents on local Sheboygan roads. Winter storms tend to hit in December, just as individuals begin traveling for the holidays and making plans for New Year's trips. However, law enforcement officials believe that there is another cause of roadway dangers during this time of year: drunk drivers. And unlike winter storms that are only within the purview of Mother Nature, drunk drivers are something over which Wisconsin police officers believe they can assert some control.

A drunk driving charge is a bad way to start the New Year

Municipalities across Wisconsin have implemented anti-drunk driving campaigns in advance of the winter holidays and New Year season. Police departments are encouraging drivers to limit their alcohol intake, have a designated driver in place and know the phone numbers of cab companies that they may utilize if they are left without safe options for getting themselves home. All of these suggestions are useful and may help some individuals avoid dangerous encounters on local roads. However, law enforcement officials will also be out in full force to stop and potentially arrest the drivers they suspect are operating their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol.

One-leg stand test not always an good measure of intoxication

Last week this Wisconsin DUI defense law blog discussed some ways that nystagmus can affect a driver's performance on a field sobriety test. This week this blog will look at another of the common sobriety tests that a driver may face if the person is stopped for suspected drunk driving -- the one-leg stand. Just as a driver's ability to pass the horizontal gaze nystagmus can be impacted by the presence of a medical condition, so too can a medical problem impact a person's ability to pass the one-leg stand balance test.

Can medical conditions influence the results of sobriety tests?

The outcomes of field sobriety tests such as coordination drills and horizontal gaze nystagmus can be affected by the presence of certain medical conditions in a driver. For example, Wisconsin drivers who suffer from medical nystagmus may fail HGN tests and may be charged with drunk driving when they were in fact not intoxicated while behind the wheels of their cars.

What penalties could I face with a second DUI conviction?

The penalties for facing DUI convictions in Wisconsin are somewhat cumulative. That means, the more convictions that a person faces, the more significant the penalties can become for those convictions. Though individuals should consult with their own DUI defense counsel to better understand their specific charges and possible outcomes, Wisconsin law stipulates that individuals receiving multiple DUI convictions can be placed in jail, lose their licenses and can be required to pay heavy fines.

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