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November 2014 Archives

Wisconsin state campaign targets holiday DUIs

As the Thanksgiving and winter holiday seasons approach, Wisconsin residents begin to plan gatherings with their families and friends. Many people throughout the state travel by car to get to their acquaintances' homes. When they arrive at their destinations, some choose to indulge in good food and celebratory drinks.

What is DUI school after a drunk driving conviction?

There are a variety of penalties that a Wisconsin resident may face if he or she is convicted of drunk driving. Depending upon whether the conviction is his first, second or one of several more, he or she can face fines, jail time, the suspension or revocation of his license and other sanctions. Some drivers also are subjected to DUI schools, also known as alcohol education programs.

Consider BAC changes when making a chemical test refusal

Many Wisconsin drivers may be under the assumption that their blood alcohol concentrations goes up and down exclusively based on how much they have had to drink. While alcohol intake does directly affect BAC, other factors can play into how a breath test will read a person's level of intoxication. Knowing these factors can help a person decide if he should refuse to take a breath or chemical test.

Wisconsin residents have different opinions on DUI penalties

Prior posts on this blog have discussed how Wisconsin addresses first-time drunk driving offenses. Wisconsin is the only state in the country that does not criminalize first time DUI charges. Critics from inside and outside the state's borders have condemned this practice as merely a slap on the wrist for what some consider a dangerous behavior.

Drunk driving charges may lead to loss of driving privileges

Many Wisconsin residents do not hesitate when it comes to going out with friends after work. Whether they grab a quick dinner or share war stories over beer, a lot of people enjoy the camaraderie of commiseration and need to decompress after spending time at their jobs. When they leave their informal get-togethers, however, some encounter unpleasant run-ins with the law.

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