What Is DUI School After A Drunk Driving Conviction

There are a variety of penalties that a Wisconsin resident may face if he or she is convicted of drunk driving. Depending upon whether the conviction is his first, second or one of several more, he or she can face fines, jail time, the suspension or revocation of his license and other sanctions. Some drivers also are subjected to DUI schools, also known as alcohol education programs.

DUI schools provide drivers with overviews of the dangers of drinking and driving as well as other perils that can crop up on Wisconsin roads. Some first-time offenders are able to receive DUI school orders from their judges. When they complete those programs their overall sentences can be reduced or improved.

The idea behind DUI schools is that drivers are less likely to become recidivists if they are properly educated on the potential consequences of their actions. For many drivers, DUI schools are a good reminder to be careful whenever they get behind the wheel. Successfully completing DUI school requirements can leave participants with their licenses and second chances to get their lives back on track.

Not all drivers are eligible for DUI schools and individuals interested in learning more about AEPs within the state should speak with their DUI defense professionals. An order to attend a DUI school is not a free pass out of the consequences of being convicted of a DUI offense but it is an opportunity for a driver to demonstrate that he takes the legal matter before him very seriously. While the information contained in this post is not legal advice, it may introduce a topic to readers and provide them with a place to start to learn more about drunk driving education programs.