Wisconsin State Campaign Targets Holiday DUIs

As the Thanksgiving and winter holiday seasons approach, Wisconsin residents begin to plan gatherings with their families and friends. Many people throughout the state travel by car to get to their acquaintances' homes. When they arrive at their destinations, some choose to indulge in good food and celebratory drinks.

Communities throughout Wisconsin are preparing to combat expected increases in drunk driving as the year comes to a close. For example, Price County, which is centrally located in Wisconsin, will take part in the "Booze and Belts" effort, which is an across-the-state program aimed at reducing drunk driving and improving seatbelt awareness. With weather conditions becoming precarious and people consuming more alcohol at holiday parties, Wisconsin roads can become dangerous places for drivers.

Despite the best efforts of the authorities who will execute the Booze and Belts program, some innocent people will be wrongly targeted as suspected drunk drivers. Previous posts on this blog have discussed some of the many factors that can apparently manifest as drunk driving but which are actually the products of other underlying conditions. Individuals who are erroneously charged with DUI and other drunk driving crimes may find themselves in legal trouble when they have not done anything wrong.

Though many people throughout Wisconsin are looking forward to having time off to celebrate the holidays with family members and friends, some will end their years by facing damaging DUI charges. Individuals in these circumstances do not have to face their perils alone. Attorneys who practice DUI and drunk driving defense can guide their clients through their cases to help them find possible legal resolutions to their problems in the new year.

Source: pricecountydaily.com, "Phillips police to increase patrols over the holidays," Nov. 20, 2014