Reinstating Driving Privileges After Drivers License Suspension

A drunk driving conviction can result in a Wisconsin resident losing his license to suspension or revocation. A suspension or revocation can mean that the driver cannot legally operate a motor vehicle and such limitations can have serious repercussions on how well he can accomplish the needs of his daily life. Once a driver has satisfied the terms of his sentence for his drunk driving conviction he will likely be eager to get his driving privileges restored.

The Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles provides an online service for reinstating a driver's license. Anyone who wants to use the service should check with its requirements to make certain that he is eligible to use the interface. The online service requires that a driver provide specific information in order to effectuate his driver's license reinstatement.

One piece of information that a driver may have to provide is proof of insurance. Certain alcohol-related driving charges do not require a driver to provide this data if he uses the online system to reactivate his license. Some individuals may also have to submit proof that they have installed ignition interlock devices before then can resume driving with a Wisconsin license.

Losing the right to drive due to a driver's license suspension or revocation can be an embarrassment and a hardship on a Wisconsin resident. Through careful planning and utilizing the services available through the Department of Motor Vehicles a driver can work toward reinstating his driving privileges. Individuals who would like to learn more about reinstating their suspended or revoked licenses may always choose to work with DUI defense attorneys who can steer them toward helpful resources applicable to their clients' particular cases.