Drunk Driving Charges May Lead To Loss Of Driving Privileges

Many Wisconsin residents do not hesitate when it comes to going out with friends after work. Whether they grab a quick dinner or share war stories over beer, a lot of people enjoy the camaraderie of commiseration and need to decompress after spending time at their jobs. When they leave their informal get-togethers, however, some encounter unpleasant run-ins with the law.

Traffic stops for suspected drunk driving happen all across the state each day. Police know to watch for people leaving bars and other establishments that offer happy hours because individuals tend to imbibe during those specific times of day. Even if a person does not act or look intoxicated, other factors can lead officers to stop a person and subject him to breathalyzer and field sobriety testing.

The smell of alcohol in a person's car can give an officer sufficient suspicion of intoxicated driving for him to move toward and allege DUI charges. When a person faces DUI or other alleged drunk driving charges he can face many difficult consequences. One of those consequences is the loss of his driver's license.

A driver's license can mean many things to a Wisconsin driver. It can be a necessity for someone who drives for his job or who has to drive himself to and from work. It can be required for taking children or other family members to important events and appointments. It can also be a luxury for individuals who find peace when driving out on the open road.

Having a revoked or suspended license can be detrimental on many levels and the attorneys of Melowski & Singh LLC understand that those consequences can profoundly affect a person's life. The attorneys of the firm work zealously to ensure that their clients' rights are protected and to provide those clients with effective drunk driving defense advice. Please visit the firm's website on drunk driving to learn more about protecting one's driver's license in the wake of drunk driving accusations.