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May 2014 Archives

Drunk driving charges can cover much more than DUI

A DUI can affect a Wisconsin resident's life on many levels. It can cause a person to lose the person's driver's license temporarily or indefinitely. It can lead to excessive court costs and fines that deplete a person's savings or cause the person to go into debt. It can require a period of incarceration that causes an individual to lose that person's job or other important relationships.

Memorial Day brings increased drunk driving patrols to Wisconsin

For Wisconsin residents Memorial Day often represents the official start of summer. It is when people begin to clean up their boats and prepare their grills for cookouts. Gatherings of family and friends frequently occur and alcohol is consumed at picnics, barbeques and other social events.

Wisconsin DUI charges, convictions, follow man out of state

Unlike some parts of a person's past a criminal or drunk driving record is hard to leave behind. Legal records for such matters can stay with a person for decades, making it difficult for the person to find jobs, get loans and other necessary life events. They even follow a person over state lines, as one man recently discovered.

Officer's lie leads to Wisconsin woman's drunk driving charges

Police officers and other law enforcement officials are charged with enforcing the ordinances and laws that keep communities safe. Their jobs can be undeniably difficult when Wisconsin residents blatantly choose to disobey the rules their governments have enacted to provide for their well-being. However, law enforcement officials can also make the lives of citizens quite difficult when they abuse their powers.

Do penalties prevent drunk driving in Wisconsin?

Many people have encountered debates on how best to motivate humans into performing their best. From schools to business and to even the legal system, whether it is better to reward a person for good behavior or punish him for bad behavior is hotly contested and strongly divided. This very conversation is currently occurring here in Wisconsin regarding penalties for drunk driving offenses.

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