Wisconsin Targets Drunk Driving With Unusual Vehicle

The sight of a Wisconsin police cruiser's lights flashing in a person's rearview mirror can cause panic in even the most responsible drivers. Whether they are stopped for suspected drunk driving, speeding or other driving infractions, encountering cops can be an intimidating matter for Sheboygan residents. The state of Wisconsin recently won a national award for an advertising campaign that promotes good decision-making before having run-ins with cops.

The state created a half police car, half taxi that illustrates the idea that individuals have a choice in how they get home. The car is a physical representation of the choice a person has between calling a cab and getting a ride in a cruiser after getting picked up for a drunk driving infraction. It won a Silver ADDY award for earning second place in the Public Service-Non-Traditional category of the competition.

Wisconsin administrators are confident that the car has gotten through to those who have seen it and hope to keep bringing it to events across the state. It is a positive way to preemptively address the serious potential consequences that a person could face if he is charged with a DUI crime. Though it may prevent some people from being arrested for drinking and driving, many people will still be subject to convictions for alcohol-related offenses.

DUI charges can cause a Wisconsin resident to lose rights and privileges. A person's license can be suspended or revoked and he may also be forced to spend time in jail. He can be forced to pay costs and fines related to his trial and if he is unable to pay he can be subject to liens and garnishments on his property and income.

While the state promotes its award-winning anti-DUI campaign its police officers will continue to arrest people for suspected drunk driving. Those people facing drunk driving charges can handle their cases on their own or they can hire DUI attorneys to help them in court. No outcomes are guaranteed when going to court, though being prepared with expert advice can build a person's confidence when facing criminal sanctions.

Source: lacrossetribune.com, "Unique vehicle designed to prevent drunk driving wins national advertising award," June 11, 2014