Traffic Stop Leaves 1 Accused of Drunk Driving in Wisconsin

It might not be uncommon for drivers who are searching for an address or are unfamiliar with an area to exhibit erratic behavior at times. Unfortunately, frequent braking and constant changes in speed may also be driving behaviors that could indicate the possible presence of unlawful behavior. A recent incident involving a driver who was allegedly exhibiting similar types of driving behavior has left a 53-year-old man in Wisconsin accused of drunk driving.

The incident is said to have taken place on a recent Saturday when police claim to have encountered a driver exhibiting erratic behavior. After following the vehicle and allegedly witnessing the driver continue to speed up and slow down while frequently braking and drifting in and out of lanes, officers say they chose to run the vehicle's license plate. They assert that the vehicle's plates did not match the vehicle, a traffic stop was initiated.

During the stop, the driver informed authorities that he was searching for a friend's house and that the car belonged to his passenger. Police also claim he admitted that he did not have a valid driver's license and state that he appeared to be exhibiting signs of impairment. Field sobriety and breath tests were administered shortly thereafter and the man was subsequently taken into custody on suspicion of driving while impaired.

Facing drunk driving charges can be a harrowing experience. Those who stand accused of such offenses may wish to prepare for what comes next by focusing on forming a strong defense and they could choose to retain the services of an attorney for assistance in the process. An attorney can examine the evidence and charges against a client in Wisconsin and assist him or her in pursuing the best outcome achievable during subsequent court proceedings.