line of cars driving in the snow

Cold Weather and DUIs: Things to Consider

It’s one of the coldest months of the year! But did you know that the season could affect what happens at a DUI stop and potential charges? Our team at Melowski & Singh, LLC is here to discuss some things you may never have thought about when it comes to Wisconsin winter DUI!

Cold Weather and Breathalyzer Functions

Many people take roadside breathalyzer tests in freezing weather. These extremely cold temperatures can affect the results if the officer does not take action beforehand. Police officers must calibrate their breathalyzer devices to account for any extreme hot or cold weather. Failure to do so could mean the results are unreliable.

Body Temperature and BAC

If the driver has an abnormally high or low body temperature, this can alter their BAC results. This is especially true if the driver’s body temperature is higher than average. If drivers are bundled up and blasting the heat in their car before taking a breathalyzer test, this should be taken into account.

Cold Medicine Causing Impairment

Cold weather means cold and flu symptoms. Many individuals rely on over-the-counter medications to manage their illnesses during the winter months. What many people do not notice or think about, is that cold medicine can cause physical side effects similar to those of alcohol or illegal drugs. Therefore, if these legal medications cause the driver to operate the vehicle in an unsafe manner, they may be charged with DUI.

DUI Defense in Wisconsin

You may be shocked to find that BAC results show you are over the limit, or confused to find yourself facing charges after admitting to taking medication before driving. No matter the circumstances of your DUI case, you can count on our attorneys at Melowski & Singh, LLC to get you the best possible outcome. Reach us at (920) 294-1414 or click here to request a consultation with our team. There can only be one best DUI defense firm, and that’s us!