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Can You Be a Truck Driver If You’ve Been Arrested for DUI?

A DUI arrest is a serious occurrence for everyone, but especially so for people with aspirations of being professional drivers or who currently drive for a living. You may be wondering, can you still be a driver after you’ve been arrested for DUI? Our attorneys at Melowski & Singh, LLC explain how a DUI arrest can have consequences for commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders.

Arrest vs. Conviction

First, it’s important to clarify that an arrest differs from a conviction. A police officer may make a DUI arrest if they have evidence to believe the driver is under the influence. However, that does not mean the driver is guilty. The driver is not guilty by law until they have been convicted of the offense.

Still, an arrest alone can affect a driver’s career.

License Suspension After DUI Arrest

After a DUI arrest, drivers can have their licenses suspended. This is true even as the case has not reached a conclusion. Luckily, drivers can contest this initial suspension during an administrative hearing. If you wish to contest your license suspension, you need to act quickly as you only have a limited time following your arrest to take action.

Commercial drivers are even more penalized when their license is suspended, as they cannot work during that time. While others are tasked with finding alternative routes to and from their jobs, commercial drivers can lose their career altogether– either temporarily or permanently.

Protecting Your Driving Career After DUI

Being arrested for DUI does not mean you’ll never drive again. After an arrest, your case could be dismissed or you could be found not guilty. For the best chance of a positive outcome, and to do everything in your power to protect your current or future career opportunities, you should work with a DUI defense attorney who has experience with CDL holder DUI cases.

Sheboygan DUI Defense for Commercial Drivers

CDL holders are held to higher standards when it comes to DUI. These higher standards also make it easier for drivers to find themselves facing DUI charges. If this happens to you, contact our attorneys at Melowski & Singh, LLC. We want to help you reach an optimal case outcome and get you back out on the road. Reach us at (920) 294-1414 or online here.