1 Faces Drunk Driving Charges Following Motorcycle Crash

Even a minor error in judgment while operating a motorcycle can have disastrous results. Accidents involving motorcycles run a greater risk of causing injuries to the rider and those who experience a similar life event may be left facing a lengthy recovery period. A recent motorcycle accident in Wisconsin in which a 50-year-old man suffered a head injury has also left him facing drunk driving charges.

Law enforcement agents advised the incident began on a recent Wednesday night after they received reports of a motorcycle accident. Upon arriving at the scene, officers say they found the rider of the bike suffering from a head injury and barely holding on to consciousness. While investigating the crash, police say that a search of his records uncovered that he was operating on a suspended license due to nine previous offenses for driving under the influence.

Police also assert that emergency responders informed them that the man had admitted to consuming alcohol prior to riding his motorcycle. After he allegedly refused to comply with requests to submit to blood alcohol tests, they say that a warrant was obtained for a legal blood draw. Upon being released from the hospital, the man was taken into custody under suspicion of driving while impaired.

A 10th conviction for drunk driving carries serious penalties that could have a substantial impact on person's life. Those who face similar charges may find it advisable to consult with an attorney as soon as possible for guidance in understanding the consequences they might face and advice in making informed choices about their case. If a conviction cannot be avoided, an attorney can assist a client in Wisconsin in pursuing a lesser sentence during court proceedings.