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December 2018 Archives

1 facing drunk driving charges after multiple-vehicle crash

Motor vehicle accidents can leave those involved shaken up and uncertain of what happened, and many individuals may be confused about how best to proceed when asked about the incident. While this might be partly due to the stress involved with being in a crash, any nervousness or suspicious behavior may leave authorities wondering if other factors are at play. A 25-year-old man has been arrested and accused of drunk driving following a recent car accident in Wisconsin.

Man who crashed while sending text faces drunk driving charges

Sending or reading a text message while driving can be hazardous under any circumstance. Such an action takes a driver's attention off the road, and his or her vehicle could travel hundreds of feet in an unknown direction in the process. Unfortunately, a recent accident in which a Wisconsin man was allegedly sending a text message to his mother has left him facing accusations of drunk driving.

Was the breath testing machine even working right?

Like other Wisconsin residents, you were probably led to believe that roadside breath testing machines give law enforcement officers an accurate indication of whether you drank too much before driving. The police officer who stopped you and administered the test certainly isn't going to tell you that the results may not be right.

Crash that injures 3 kids leaves 1 accused of drunk driving

Being involved in a serious car accident can be a traumatic experience. Should others suffer injuries in the crash, the driver who caused the collision may carry the incident with him or her for years to come. Unfortunately, an accident that injured several children has left a 31-year-old woman facing felony drunk driving charges in Wisconsin.

High-speed chase leads to drunk driving charges for 1

Operating a vehicle at excessive speeds is never advisable and may increase the odds of being involved in a routine traffic stop. Should a person attempt to evade a traffic stop, the potential penalties one might face may only increase in severity. Unfortunately, a recent incident in which a driver allegedly led police on a high speed pursuit has left an 18-year-old woman in Wisconsin accused of drunk driving.

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