Man Who Crashed While Sending Text Faces Drunk Driving Charges

Sending or reading a text message while driving can be hazardous under any circumstance. Such an action takes a driver's attention off the road, and his or her vehicle could travel hundreds of feet in an unknown direction in the process. Unfortunately, a recent accident in which a Wisconsin man was allegedly sending a text message to his mother has left him facing accusations of drunk driving.

According to police, the incident began when the driver of an eastbound vehicle suddenly drove straight through a roundabout and jumped several curbs before eventually crashing into a nearby piece of land. Once his vehicle came to a rest, police assert that it erupted into flames. Emergency responders were able to extinguish the fire and assert that the incident caused substantial damage to the vehicle.

While speaking to the driver about the incident, police claim to have learned that he was sending a text message to his mother when it occurred. They also assert that the man admitted to drinking alcohol prior to operating the vehicle. After a breath test allegedly indicated his blood alcohol content to be more than two times the legal limit, he was arrested on suspicion of impairment.

Upon being accused of drunk driving, a person may find it advisable to seek guidance prior to issuing a response to the allegations. Those who face similar charges could benefit from retaining the services of an experienced attorney for guidance in making informed choices about their case. An attorney can examine the charges and evidence against a client in Wisconsin and assist him or her in forming a strong defense for use during legal proceedings.