Challenging Field Sobriety Tests in Wisconsin

The vast majority of police officers in Wisconsin are dedicated to their jobs. They want to ensure that the people they are sworn to protect are as safe as possible. However, the enthusiasm for their job can often lead to assumptions that could have serious consequences. For example, field sobriety tests can often lead to false accusations of drunk driving due to their subjective nature.

There are many things that could potentially interfere with an accurate assessment of sobriety in regards to a field sobriety test. Many people experience medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, that could impact their balance. Other health issues, such as a bad back, could also affect a person's performance on such a test.

Other issues related to the environment could also impact a person's performance. If the ground is uneven or the person is wearing shoes to which he or she is unaccustomed, he or she could appear off balance. In some cases in which allegations are made that a suspect failed a field sobriety test, the issue actually lies with a police officer who did not follow procedure or was not properly trained.

Unfortunately, any number of circumstances such as these could lead to an arrest. While it may be easy for those facing criminal charges in Wisconsin as a result of failed field sobriety tests to locate an attorney willing to take their case, the attorneys at Melowski & Singh, LLC. are dedicated to seeking tangible results. We do not simply negotiate a plea deal and encourage our clients to accept it. Our attorneys are willing to fight on behalf of our clients and often see acquittals.