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Protect yourself against aggressive DUI officers and prosecutors

We all make mistakes. The type and extent of those mistakes can vary greatly, though, and the aftermath of committing one can take quite a toll. When that mistake is drunk driving, the consequences in Wisconsin can be quite harmful. As penalties, you might lose your license, be forced to spend time in jail, be ordered to pay a significant fine and have your personal and professional reputation drawn into question. For many Wisconsin residents, this is stressful to think about, and rightly so. This is why, if you are facing drunk driving allegations, you need to ask yourself if your legal rights are being protected.

The effect of Wisconsin's zero tolerance law on minors

The legal age to consume alcohol in every state, including Wisconsin, is 21. But as most Wisconsin residents know, consumption of alcohol by minors is widespread. The state's drunk driving laws are particularly tough on minors. If convicted of a drunk driving offense, minors can face harsh consequences.

Wisconsin man arrested for DUI with child in his vehicle

For a long time now, Wisconsin law enforcement agencies have been attempting to crack down on drunk driving. As a result, many Wisconsin residents are bearing the brunt of overzealous officers who violate citizens' legal rights and force them to wrongly confront criminal charges. When this happens to an individual, he or she needs to carefully consider how best to pursue a criminal defense that will protect his or her legal rights, freedom, money, and reputation.

How long could my license suspension or revocation last?

If you have been arrested and charged with drunk driving, you are probably concerned about the potential penalties you might face if convicted. Unfortunately, Wisconsin prosecutors are pretty strict when it comes to DUI offenses. They may seek to put you behind bars, slap you with a fine, and strip away your license, at least temporarily. Before accepting any plea bargains that may be offered, you should be sure you know what you're getting into and how you can try to either get a better deal or beat the charges all together.

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