Protect Yourself Against Aggressive DUI Officers And Prosecutors

We all make mistakes. The type and extent of those mistakes can vary greatly, though, and the aftermath of committing one can take quite a toll. When that mistake isĀ drunk driving, the consequences in Wisconsin can be quite harmful. As penalties, you might lose your license, be forced to spend time in jail, be ordered to pay a significant fine and have your personal and professional reputation drawn into question. For many Wisconsin residents, this is stressful to think about, and rightly so. This is why, if you are facing drunk driving allegations, you need to ask yourself if your legal rights are being protected.

Far too often in Wisconsin, law enforcement and prosecutors overstep their legal authority and trample on the rights of innocent individuals. Police officers may conduct a traffic stop without any justifiable purpose, conduct errant field sobriety tests or inaccurately record your statements. Prosecutors may try to improperly admit evidence against you and make legal arguments that have no basis in law.

So how do you protect yourself against these egregious actions? You fight back. With the help of a skilled, competent and experienced attorney, like those at Melowski & Associates, you can point out errors and protect yourself from damaging evidence that is inappropriately presented to the court. Our legal team knows the law and the rules of evidence, and we can utilize that knowledge to poke holes in the prosecution's case and fight to have damaging evidence suppressed.

No attorney can guarantee an acquittal, and in some instances negotiating a plea deal is in a client's best interest. Each case is unique. This means that every client needs a tailored approach. That is something we do on a daily basis for our clients who are facing DUI charges as we diligently work to ensure that their legal rights and their futures are as fully protected as is possible under the circumstances.