Blood Tests Can Vary Based on the Unique Qualities of Drivers

Residents of Sheboygan, like people who live throughout the rest of the state and country, often enjoy the pastime of people-watching. A careful observer of people will often notice the big and small similarities and differences that exist between individuals within a single community. What they wear, how tall they might be, and how they carry themselves are just a few of the external qualities that people-watchers may note in others.

Aside from the outward commonalities and variances a person may discover, individuals can also have very different internal functionalities. Some people may be on medications for unapparent illnesses, while others may be highly capable athletes in superior physical condition. No two people are the same, whether comparing their outward appearances or internal processes and for this reason, the way that they interact with different substances and experiences can differ greatly.

When law enforcement officials administer blood tests to see if drivers are operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they are looking for results that place the drivers' blood alcohol concentration above or below a certain threshold. That threshold is the state's blood alcohol content or BAC limit, which stands at .08. If a person's BAC comes back over the limit then that person may face DUI charges.

While the state uses uniform tests to determine drivers' BAC levels, people are different and respond to alcohol in different ways. The attorneys of Melowski & Singh recognize that the individual characteristics of a person may influence how high or low his BAC level is tested to be. In some cases, the unique qualities of a person's body may provide defenses or explanations for why or how he tested at a certain BAC level. To learn more about blood tests and the state's BAC limit, visit the law firm of Melowski & Singh online.