Proposed Bills Carry Heavy Penalties for DUI, OWI Charges

This Wisconsin drunk driving defense blog has previously mentioned that Wisconsin is the only state in the country where a first time drunk driving offense results in a citation rather than a misdemeanor charge. Prior actions by state legislators have attempted to change this difference, though as of yet, Wisconsin stands firm on its citation rule. A current lawmaker is looking to push that issue again, as well as a few others that carry with them very serious potential consequences for drunk driving convictions.

Particularly, the De Pere Assembly member and another Assembly member from Green Bay have proposed a bill that would permanently revoke some individuals' licenses. The bill would apply to drivers with five or more convictions on OWI charges and would prevent them from holding Wisconsin driver's licenses. The five conviction limit would drop to three if two of the driver's convictions included vehicle felonies or deaths.

Losing the privilege to hold a driver's license and to legally drive in the state can be highly detrimental to the livelihoods of those affected. While OWI and DUI matters are very serious, the penalties for those crimes are quite significant. Should the legislature pass this bill into law, individuals who need their driving privileges to hold down jobs and to care for their families could find themselves without a legal means of personal transportation.

Many reviews and changes may be made to this proposed bill before the Wisconsin legislature take it to a vote. However, the repercussions of the proposal could be devastating to many who have prior drunk driving charges on their records. For those who are currently facing charges based on DUI, OWI, and other drunk driving allegations, help is available. DUI defense attorneys can provide assistance in crafting a defense strategy a working toward the best possible outcome in the case.

Source: WHBL.com, "NE Wisconsin lawmakers look to strip licenses from driver with 5+ OWIs," July 17, 2015