Out-Of-State Driver Faces Drunk Driving Charges in Wisconsin

Planes, trains and automobiles are all viable transportation options for individuals who have to travel. However, when Wisconsin residents have the time and ability to do so, some decide to use their personal vehicles to drive to their destinations. Individuals who reside outside of the state often decide to take road trips too, and for that reason there are often drivers from many different states on local Sheboygan roads, especially during the summer months.

Recently a driver from Ohio found himself in a difficult legal situation while traveling on a Wisconsin highway. The driver was traveling on Interstate 43 when officers spotted allegedly saw him driving in an erratic manner. Before being stopped by a deputy of the Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office, the man allegedly also hit his car into another vehicle that had stopped on the side of the highway.

The collision between the cars resulted in several parties suffering injuries. The suspected drunk driver injured his head and two people in the stopped car suffered injuries that resulted in hospitalization. The out-of-state driver has been charged with a crime and will have to defend himself in the Wisconsin courts.

The potential consequences of drunk driving convictions are serious, even when an individual is not a resident of the state where the charges apply. Out-of-state DUI and drunk driving matters can affect a person's license and cause him or her to suffer as a result. When facing out-of-state drunk driving charges, some individuals choose to hire DUI defense attorneys in the locations where their arrests occurred. Legal representation is almost always helpful in these situations, and it is important to hire an attorney who has experience with local laws and procedures.

Source: WHBL.com, "Alleged Drunk Driving Injured 3, 1 Arrested," Rusty Mehlberg, July 29, 2015