Big Games, Parties Can End With Dui Charges

Although the Green Bay Packers did not make it to this year's Super Bowl, many Wisconsin residents enjoyed watching the Seahawks battle the Broncos in the 2014 contest. Prior to this year's big game, local authorities warned individuals to be safe when driving home after Super Bowl parties, noting that last year three people were killed on Wisconsin roads on Super Bowl Sunday.

Though the Super Bowl has come and gone, the warning offered by Wisconsin police will likely be resurrected as 2014 progresses and more big events cause residents to celebrate with friends and consume alcoholic beverages. In March, many college students will go on Spring Break and only a few months later the start of summer will bring parties, barbeques, vacations and Fourth of July celebrations for individuals all across the state.

Though an individual can be arrested for drunk driving and charged with DUI any night of the year, celebrations happen throughout the year. In other words, police are always on the lookout for drivers they suspect of being intoxicated.

A drunk driving charge carries many potential consequences that can include losing one's license, fines and even jail time. A drunk driving conviction can be included on an individual's criminal record, perhaps posing problems when that person tries to apply for employment or loans. Though there is never a guarantee of an acquittal when facing drunk driving charges, DUI attorneys can help accused individuals make compelling legal arguments in an effort to get charges dropped. Even if that is not possible, an attorney will seek to mitigate the penalties assessed if a conviction is reached..

Source: WSAW.com, "WI State Patrol Warns Against Drunk Driving," Feb. 1, 2014