Man Refuses Field Sobriety Tests, Attempts to Out-Run Cops

All across the state, Wisconsin drivers are asked by authorities to perform field sobriety tests when police officers believe that the drivers' actions demonstrate evidence of intoxication. While such tests can include walking in a straight line, reciting common lists such as the alphabet and other coordination, and memory-based drills, Wisconsin residents may refuse to perform those tests if they so choose.

Though they may be asked to submit to other evidence-gathering tests to determine if their intoxication is at or above the state's legal limit, individuals who refuse field sobriety tests have that option. A Wisconsin man attempted to avoid both field sobriety testing and subsequent breathalyzer and blood tests by allegedly fleeing the scene of an apparent drunk driving police stop.

A New Richmond man refused to perform field sobriety tests and drove away from authorities, prompting local police to pursue him through town. He was ultimately detained when officers laid out stop sticks to disable his tires and the man crashed into a parked vehicle after a lengthy chase. He was arrested and charged with recklessly endangering safety, fleeing an officer, drunk driving, and obstructing an officer.

While the entirety of the circumstances of this situation is unfortunate, what is truly sad for this man is that because of the chase and pursuit that ensued with officers he is now facing felony charges. Though his drunk driving charge was his second, had he submitted to officers at the initial stop he may have only faced a misdemeanor drunk driving charge.

Drunk driving charges alone are serious and can rob a person of some of his rights. They can be costly to defend and may cause individuals problems in the months and years following their conclusions. However, with the help of DUI attorneys, many people can get past their drunk driving charges with few problems. Had this man simply stopped when asked to submit to field sobriety testing his problems may have been significantly fewer.

Source: Rivertowns.net, "Business owner charged in chase, crash," Michael Foley, Jan. 21, 2014