Wisconsin Police on the Lookout for Snowmobile Drunk Driving

It has been an especially cold winter here in Wisconsin and driving conditions have been treacherous for much of the season. Though mixing alcohol and driving is never a safe combination, adding slippery roads and snowy conditions to the equation can result in particularly hazardous driving situations for anyone brave enough to take on the local roadways. While most people understand that drunk driving is a major problem on icy Wisconsin roads, police are cautioning another population of drivers to think before they operate under the influence.

Snowmobilers have been warned that deputies are on the lookout for drivers who could be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Though drinking and snowmobiling charges are not reflected on an individual's driver's license, individuals facing such charges can receive fines in excess of $500.

Those might seem like high penalties when compared to the ticketed offense but officers note that snowmobiling accidents can be devastatingly fatal. A Wisconsin snowmobiler was killed earlier this month and law enforcement officials did discover that alcohol contributed to that fatal accident.

Police will also be patrolling snowmobile trails for other non-alcohol offenses such as not stopping before crossing streets and speeding after sunset. Since snowmobiles can operate at high rates of speed officials are taking safety on the trails very seriously this season.

Safety on both the snowmobile trails and roadways should be a priority for all Wisconsin drivers this winter and all throughout the year. However, for those drivers who find themselves facing alcohol-related charges, help is available. People who are confronted with convictions for drinking offenses have the right to work with DUI attorneys to prepare for their trials.

Source: FOX 6 Now, "Deputies patrol snowmobile trails for impaired drivers," Jonathon Gregg, Jan. 18, 2014