Drunk Driving May Be a Problem for Wisconsin Students

Wisconsin is home to several prestigious institutions of higher learning and some of the best research facilities in the country. Its colleges and universities attract some of the brightest students from across the Midwest and the rest of the nation, making those campuses diverse and exciting places to live and learn.

For some students, however, the draw of attending school in Wisconsin may be somewhat different. Recently released data suggests that some Wisconsin college campuses suffer from more drug and alcohol-related offenses than other schools located both in-state and out of the area. The partying mentality that some of these schools exude can result in their students facing serious legal problems ranging from drug possession charges to drunk driving.

The potential criminal consequences that these students may face are significantly more severe than any collegiate suspension or parental admonition. Being convicted of a DUI or other drunk driving charge can result in a permanent mark on a person's record, fines, jail time and other serious problems.

Conviction on drunk driving charges can also impact a person's ability to find a job. While many college students worry that they will not be employed when they graduate, having a DUI on one's record will only make the job search process even harder.

Though everyone makes mistakes, some mistakes are harder to overcome than others. Drunk driving charges can seriously alter the course of a young person's future. Area college students who are concerned about their drunk driving-related charges may consider reaching out to a DUI attorney to learn more about their legal options for getting their futures back on track.

Source: WMTV 15 News, "Wisconsin colleges rank high in number of drug and alcohol offenses," Max Hess, Feb. 4, 2014