Wisconsin Police Chief Arrested on Suspected Drunk Driving

The flashing lights of a police car often cause Wisconsin drivers to quickly move out of the way or to pull over as soon as possible. The reason for a traffic stop can vary from an expired license tag to suspicions or evidence of intoxicated driving. Individuals who are suspected of driving while drunk can face serious questions, as well as sobriety testing.

The police chief of a western Wisconsin community recently was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after his car was discovered abandoned following an accident. Authorities tracked him down after finding his vehicle around midnight. When the police questioned him at his residence, they discovered that he seemed to be intoxicated. Due to the authorities' suspicions, the police chief was asked to recite the alphabet and stand on one leg. He allegedly failed both sobriety tests and even admitted to thinking that he legally should not have been driving.

He was arrested after his blood alcohol concentration was determined to be well over the Wisconsin legal limit of .08. He now will likely face the consequences of his arrest, as well as the repercussions of incurring a DUI charge while serving as a law enforcement officer.

While it may seem that this police chief has an overwhelming amount of evidence to overcome in order to defend his intoxicated driving charge, he is not without options. With the help of an experienced Wisconsin DUI attorney, he may be able to mitigate or exclude the results of the sobriety tests. There also are other defenses that can lessen the potential consequences of a DUI conviction. Though no attorney can guarantee a result for his or her client, legal experts in the DUI field can provide invaluable insight on the legal system to individuals facing DUI arrests.

Source: ABC 5 News, "Western Wis. Police Chief Arrested for DWI," Megan Stewart, Feb. 17, 2014