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December 2014 Archives

Wisconsin educator suspected of third drunk driving offense

A drunk driving charge can have a devastating impact on the life of a Wisconsin resident. An arrest or conviction for a DUI offense can harm the person's reputation and how others view his character. Such harm can result in the person losing the trust of friends, family members and even his employer.

Breath test refusals can have serious consequences

Previous posts on this blog have discussed how the state of Wisconsin has looked at various ways to change and potentially toughen the state's drunk driving laws. Citizens on both sides of the debate have weighed in; at this time no major changes are immediately on the horizon for local drivers. However, one drunk driving law that some citizens may not be aware of is currently in operation and can have serious consequences for a person's ability to drive.

Can I face DUI charges while operating on private property?

Wisconsin residents may own private property but often leave that property when they go to their jobs, restaurants and stores. When they pull out of their driveways and onto local roads and highways, they are generally entering public land. Questions often arise as to whether a driver can face drunk driving charges if he is operating on private property.

Can police error ever lead to failed sobriety testing?

Prior posts on this Wisconsin DUI defense blog have discussed the types of factors that can mirror signs of intoxication but that have nothing to do with a person's level of alcohol consumption. This week's post looks at a specific situation in which a law enforcement officer's error could lead to inaccurate results for a person's field sobriety tests. This unfortunate scenario can happen and can have dire legal consequences on the life of the affected driver.

Reinstating driving privileges after driver's license suspension

A drunk driving conviction can result in a Wisconsin resident losing his license to suspension or revocation. A suspension or revocation can mean that the driver cannot legally operate a motor vehicle and such limitations can have serious repercussions on how well he can accomplish the needs of his daily life. Once a driver has satisfied the terms of his sentence for his drunk driving conviction he will likely be eager to get his driving privileges restored.

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