Wisconsin Educator Suspected Of Third Drunk Driving Offense

A drunk driving charge can have a devastating impact on the life of a Wisconsin resident. An arrest or conviction for a DUI offense can harm the person's reputation and how others view his character. Such harm can result in the person losing the trust of friends, family members and even his employer.

A Wisconsin woman is currently facing just this loss of trust after she was arrested for a third time on suspected drunk driving. The woman is a high school principal and was placed on administrative leave after her school district learned of the arrest. It is unclear if she will be able to return to her job once her legal troubles are handled.

In the course of an evening a drunk driving arrest can change the course of a person's whole life. As demonstrated by this story, an arrest can change how others view the suspected drunk driver in ways that could threaten that individual's livelihood. What may start as a single arrest for suspected drunk driving can turn into the loss of a job, the loss of relationships and other personal hardships.

Aside from the social stigma and personal losses an individual may face, drunk driving charges can lead to other significant legal penalties as well. Individuals facing DUI offenses can lose their drivers' licenses, face jail time and have to pay large monetary fines.

Though no outcome can ever be guaranteed, some individuals facing these types of legal dilemmas choose to present a strong criminal defense. With the right help, people can understand the penalties they face and all the options for attacking the prosecutor's case.

Source: WSAW, "Wisconsin Principal on Leave After 3rd DUI Arrest," Dec. 24, 2014