Wisconsin Man Arrested A Third Time For DWI

Most people's parents hope that as their children grow those kids will learn from their mistakes and avoid making similar errors in the future. While some people find success in achieving that aspiration, others struggle with problems that inhibit them from always making the best decisions.

A Milwaukee man was recently arrested for his third alcohol-related driving offense and became the 1,000th repeat offender caught in that county since 2010. Police allege that the man refused to pull his vehicle over and eventually led officers on a high-speed chase that covered parts of the freeway as well as city roads. Law enforcement officials further allege that the man smelled of alcohol and that he injured a nurse at the hospital where he was taken for treatment and a forced blood draw.

The information gathered from the man's forced blood draw could reveal how much alcohol, if any, was in the man's system at the time of his arrest. Blood alcohol tests can determine a person's BAC, or blood alcohol concentration, and can be derived from either blood or urine tests.

Due to his status as a repeat offender and the damages he allegedly caused during the police pursuit, the man is now facing over 32 years in prison if convicted of the latest charges. These serious penalties could mean that he will spend most of the rest of his life behind bars.

Individuals who are arrested for alcohol-related offenses and subject to blood alcohol tests are not bad people but are usually people who need some help. Working with professional attorneys who specialize in drunk driving offenses can provide individuals facing serious charges with peace of mind and strong legal support.

Source: FOX 6 Now, "Accused drunk driver leads deputies on chase reaching 109 mph," Cary Docter, Oct. 29, 2013