Wisconsin Man Allegedly Drives Car into Home, Starts Fire

While most DUI-related accidents occur on the streets, sometimes the consequences of drunk driving accidents can play out in less common locations.

A Kenosha man was allegedly involved in a drunk driving incident that caused his sport utility vehicle to leave the road and smash into the front of a townhome. The impact of the vehicle crashing into the building caused the automobile to catch fire and the flames quickly move into the house. While it is unknown if anyone was in the townhome at the time of the crash, the driver has been charged with DUI, driving without a license and other crimes.

In addition to allegedly causing the crash and fire, the man also purportedly left the scene of the accident and hid under another vehicle as a search for him was undertaken. Police eventually located him, took him in for processing and he is now being held in prison on $250,000 bail.

Driving under the influence can sometimes be the first piece of a chain reaction that causes harm to the driver and others involved. After becoming intoxicated and getting behind the wheel, a driver can hurt himself or others and can get arrested. Injury brings with it its own challenges to overcome as does the legal headache of defending a DUI charge and possibly facing a jail sentence. The potential consequences of a criminal charge on one's record can impact that person's current and potential employment as well as the person's legal rights.

It is unreported as to what the alleged drunk driver was doing prior to the early morning accident though reports of witnesses and accounts of his actions may be offered against him when he goes to trial on these charges. As the prosecutor builds its case against him, this man will face the uphill battle of clearing his name of several damaging DUI-related charges and preparing a sound legal defense that supports his position.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Kenosha man held on $250K after fiery crash in Hainesville," Deanese Williams-Harris and Carlos Sandovi, Oct. 27, 2013