Passengers of Wisconsin Driver Injured in Alleged OWI Accident

Often when the news reports on someone injured in an alleged drunk driving accident the purported victim is a bystander and not associated with the supposed intoxicated driver. A recent Wisconsin car accident demonstrates that people riding with potentially drunk individuals can also suffer injuries as well.

A 21-year-old Wisconsin woman is facing drunk driving charges for causing an injury accident. The woman allegedly had a blood alcohol concentration of .184 which is more than two times the state's permissible level of .08. While operating her vehicle in that purported state the woman crashed her car into a pole and injured the three people riding with her and herself.

One of the three passenger suffered many serious injuries ranging from a fractured skull to breaks in both of her ankles. The conditions of the other two passengers and the driver are unknown.

The penalties for any drunk driving offense are serious and as has been discussed on this blog those penalties may increase if new legislation regarding DUI pass the state's legislature. This driver will be subject to the current law and as of now has been order to remain sober while she is out of jail on bond.

As this story shows, the consequences of an alleged drunk driving accident can be serious and impact the lives of a driver's friends and loved ones. In addition to the strained relationships this driver will now have with her injured passengers she will also have to deal with the nightmare of defending herself in from drunk driving charges. People facing such charges do not have to do so alone and can choose to work with lawyers who specialize in DUI and drunk driving offenses.

Source: WSAU News, "Wisconsin Rapids woman free on bond in OWI injury case," Larry Lee, Oct. 18, 2013