Man Faces Third Drunk Driving Offense

Just as Wisconsin drivers can face drunk driving charges while traveling out of state, non-Wisconsin residents can also face similar charges while driving through the Badger State. During holidays and other periods of peak travel, motorists can find themselves facing criminal charges for allegedly operating their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. When local or out-of-state drivers find themselves facing Wisconsin DUI charges they sometimes seek the counsel of Wisconsin DUI defense lawyers.

An Arkansas man may choose to work with just such an attorney after being arrested for operating while intoxicated in Saint Croix County. The man was stopped after allegedly being clocked driving at over 80 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone. The officer involved then arrested him on suspicion of intoxication and noted that an adult woman and a baby were in the car at the time of the stop.

What may complicate this matter even more for this driver is the fact that he has two prior drunk driving charges on his record. The potential consequences and penalties for repeat drunk driving increase dramatically depending upon how many prior similar arrests and convictions the individual has on his or her history. At this time the man is being held in the county jail and is separated from both the woman and baby he was traveling with.

As he endures time away from his traveling partners, the man will have to figure out how best to defend himself from the charges pending against him. That could be particularly hard considering he does not live in Wisconsin and may not be familiar with the state's DUI laws. Experts in the legal field are particularly trained to offer individuals just like this man specific legal guidance on how Wisconsin handles drunk driving matters.

Source: WEAU.com, "Man gets third OWI with baby in the car," Nikki Junewicz, July 4, 2014