Alleged Case of Drunk Driving Leads to Homicide Charges

Whether a Wisconsin resident is facing his first drunk driving charge or his fifth, that individual is entitled to exercise his rights, even when he is a suspect. Those rights include employing the assistance of a legal adviser, who can help the individual prepare himself for the challenging process of defending himself in court. It is up to the discretion of the individual to choose if he will work with a lawyer, but the variety of drunk driving-related charges that a person can face each pose different consequences that could impact his life.

One of the most serious drunk driving charges that a Wisconsin driver can face is homicide by driving drunk. A northwestern Wisconsin woman has been charged with that crime. Police believe that back in January she consumed more than four drinks before getting behind the wheel. While driving, she allegedly struck a man who was walking on the road.

The woman has contended that she could not avoid the collision, due to the weather conditions present at the time of the incident. However, police have claimed that her blood alcohol concentration was well over the legal limit when she was arrested after the crash. If she is convicted of the crime, she could face a long jail sentence for allegedly causing the man's death.

Drunk driving charges range in severity from first-time DUIs to homicide by drunk driving. While all alcohol-related charges are serious, each presents its own challenges to defend. Being charged with a drunk driving crime can put a Wisconsin resident in a difficult position, but help can be secured in the form of legal assistance.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Woman charged with homicide by drunk driving in fatal pedestrian crash," July 9, 2014