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August 2013 Archives

Wisconsin agencies team up to combat boating DUI offenses

When most people imagine a DUI stop they envision a driver pulled over to the side of the road with a cop car parked behind and an officer approaching the driver's side window. While this scene plays out all across Wisconsin throughout the year, during the warm months of summer another kind of DUI stop also brings potential charges against residents operating motor vehicles.

Law enforcement targets Wisconsin drivers over holiday weekend

National holidays are times of great celebration. People in Wisconsin have the opportunity to get together with family and friends to celebrate historic events in our shared history and enjoy a day or two off from their busy lives at work. For many, holidays are also a time when people travel to be with loved ones and consume more alcohol than they normally do.

Wisconsin residents, lawmakers consider drunk driving options

The discussion on how to manage drinking and driving in Wisconsin will likely never end because people will never stop enjoying alcoholic drinks, nor will they willingly give up their personal vehicles. In light of the fact that drunk driving is a perceived problem that will most likely never disappear, citizens and lawmakers recently met in a public hearing in Madison to continue the dialogue on how to address the situation.

New bills would toughen penalties for drunk driving charges

The Wisconsin Assembly is always considering potential laws to improve the lives of individuals living within the state's borders. It also considers possible legislation that can modify the penalties that Wisconsin residents incur when they break state laws.

Wisconsin police office faces drunk driving charges

Humans are social beings and drinking is a social activity. Most people who consume alcohol can probably remember a time when they recognized that they should not get behind the wheel and either they or a friend found them a ride home. Though DUI charges and other alcohol-related driving charges are serious, anyone with a license and who ever chooses to drink can find himself facing the flashing lights of a police car as a result of his actions.

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