Traffic Stop in Construction Zone Leads to DUI Charges

Receiving a citation for speeding can be a stressful experience under any circumstances. Should this occur within a construction zone, the penalties associated with a speeding ticket could increase substantially. An incident in which a 22-year-old woman was pulled over under similar circumstances in Wisconsin has also left her facingĀ DUI charges.

The incident is said to have taken place on a recent Monday just before 2:30 p.m. Law enforcement agents claim to have initiated a traffic stop after encountering a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed while in a construction zone. While it remains unclear how they came to suspect the presence of impairment, they report that the woman was taken to a hospital for a blood draw after refusing to comply with requests to perform field sobriety tests.

Authorities also assert that there were two minors in the vehicle during the stop and say they were released into the custody of a family member. Although the results of the blood draw remain unclear, the woman is reportedly facing multiple charges in connection with the incident, including operating while impaired and driving without a valid license. Charges of this nature carry serious penalties that could have a lingering impact on a person's life should a conviction be obtained.

When facing DUI charges, a person in Wisconsin could benefit from seeking guidance on how best to approach the situation early in the process. Those who wish to better understand the potential consequences they might face and what to expect from the subsequent process could choose to retain the services of an attorney. An attorney can evaluate the situation and provide a client with assistance in forming a strategy to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable given the circumstances.