Pursuit and Collision Ends With DUI Charges for 1 in Wisconsin

Authorities have recently arrested a 60-year-old man following an incident involving an alleged police chase and subsequent accident that is said to have taken place in Wisconsin. The man has been accused of DUI, which carries serious penalties if a conviction is obtained. Attempting to evade police may only act to further suspicions of criminal behavior, and could also increase the severity of the consequences a person may face.

According to reports, an officer spotted the man, who was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, leaving an establishment at around 8 p.m. on a recent Sunday night. Upon attempting to initiate a traffic stop, the officer claims the driver proceeded to flee, leading to a short pursuit. During this period, authorities say the man lost control of the vehicle and collided with a nearby culvert.

Authorities assert the man was alone at the time, and he was transported to the hospital for treatment shortly after the accident. He was then taken into custody on suspicion of drunk driving. Although it is unclear how authorities came to suspect that intoxication was a factor, charges are already pending, which include eluding an officer and driving while intoxicated, the latter of which would reportedly be his second offense.

When facing DUI charges, one may benefit from seeking guidance in the initial stages of the process. By speaking with an attorney, a person in Wisconsin could obtain advice on making informed decisions during legal proceedings. A defense attorney can work toward protecting a client's legal rights throughout the process, and assist in pursuing the best outcome possible given the circumstances.