2 Wisconsin Friends Arrested for Drunk Driving

There are some friends who would do anything for each other, including going to extremes to ensure each other's safety. However, police in Wisconsin have recently arrested two women for drunk driving. One of the arrests came after a friend of the first woman arrested attempted to check on her at the police station.

Police reports indicate that an officer noticed a car allegedly being operated erratically during the early morning hours of a day in February. The officer claims that the vehicle exited the lane of traffic and hit a curb. As a result, a stop was initiated, and an arrest made after the officer says the 22-year-old driver failed a field sobriety test.

Police say that a friend of the young woman arrived at the police station soon after to check on the woman previously arrest. However, officers claim that she exhibited signs of intoxication. A field test was administered, which police say she failed. She was subsequently arrested. Both women are suspected of operating while intoxicated.

People in Wisconsin who are charged with drunk driving and have no experience with legal proceedings may feel overwhelmed by the process. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who are able to help guide them through proceedings. Additionally, these professionals can ensure that defendants are fully prepared to make informed decisions about their cases, including helping them understand the potential outcomes of each of their options. These options include fighting the charges or accepting a plea deal for a reduced charge and/or sentence.

Source: fox6now.com, "West Bend police: Drunk driver tries to check on drunk friend who was just arrested for OWI", Megan Pospychala, Feb. 24, 2017