What's at Stake for a Wisconsin Trucker Convicted of OWI?

There is no such thing as a minor conviction for a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Wisconsin. Experienced attorneys know, and first-time offenders come to realize quickly, that the loss of driving privileges is a significant consequence. Even if it's only a temporary suspension, being unable to get to school, to work, or run errands because you can't drive can bring the whole family to a halt.

Now imagine that driving is your livelihood. If you carry a commercial driver's license, a conviction for OWI isn't simply inconvenient for a while. You stand to lose your CDL privileges for a year. That's not just a hassle, that's potentially career ending. 

Trucking is not an easy job. Whether you drive for a company, are a contract hauler or an independent driver, you know you have to abide by myriad federal regulations. Particular nuances come into play under state laws as you cross borders. But, even if your routes are limited to running from Sheboygan to Superior, or Egg Harbor to Prairie du Chien, you put a lot at risk facing an OWI charge without a skilled and assertive advocate working on your behalf.

It is not possible for any attorney to offer any promise about outcome. Every case is different and the jurisdiction in which a charge is brought can have an influence. Familiarity with the courts of a particular area may be beneficial, in some cases, but depth of knowledge about relevant law and experience in practice is often of the greatest importance.

That certainly deserves to be top of mind if your career is at stake because of an OWI charge.