Wisconsin near Top of Drunk Driving Arrest List

If it seems to readers that Wisconsin police officers make a lot of arrests for suspected DUI, OWI and other drunk driving charges, they would be right. A recent survey was released that ranks the 50 states based on their incidents of drunk driving arrests and fatalities. Based on the survey, Wisconsin is one of the top five states for these occurrences.

North Dakota was first on the list and then followed, in order, by Montana, Idaho and then Wisconsin. South Carolina rounded out the top five.

As such, drivers in the state should be aware that officers look out for individuals who may be operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol and that those officers will stop them if they suspect they are witnessing drunk driving. Drivers suspected of operating with alcohol in their systems may be subjected to field sobriety testing and blood alcohol tests to provide evidence of their intoxication; that evidence can be used against drivers when their matters are brought up for trial.

A driver who is arrested forĀ drunk driving, however, always has rights when it comes to preparing to face his charges. How the person pleads, what evidence and defenses a person uses in support of the case, and whether the person will utilize the services of a DUI defense attorney are all decisions a person may make in the wake of a drunk driving arrest.

Wisconsin is one of the states in the nation that leads in drunk driving arrests. Law enforcement agencies across the state know how to train their officers to identify potential drunk drivers; people facing drunk driving charges can equip themselves with support as they prepare for their trials.