Drunk Driving Defense Services Are Available

Last week this Sheboygan drunk driving and DUI defense law blog highlighted just how prevalent drunk driving arrests are in Wisconsin when compared to similar arrests in the other 49 states. With many arrests occurring within the state’s borders it may seem as though police officers and prosecutors throughout the state would only bring charges against individuals who are truly in violation of Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws. What this blog has also highlighted, though, is the upsetting fact that drunk driving tests and assessments can be subjective and their results may erroneously suggest intoxication on the part of legally sober drivers.

Medications, medical conditions, weather conditions and a multitude of other factors can influence how a driver operates the person’s vehicle. If a sober driver is charged with drunk driving due to the presence of one of these factors at the time of the person’s arrest, the driver may have a defense to the charges. If he does not offer that defense to the court, however, the driver may miss the chance to have the person’s defense heard.

Knowing how and when to offer a drunk driving defense can be difficult, but individuals who require assistance with such legal questions can get help from professionals in their communities. In Sheboygan and the surrounding area, many individuals who are facing drunk driving charges turn to the law firm of Melowski & Associates.

The law firm of Melowski & Associates provides comprehensive drunk driving defense services for individuals who have been charged with DUI, OWI and other drunk driving crimes. Our attorneys zealously advocate for our clients’ rights and interests while using the facts of individual cases to present cogent defenses. The successful presentation of a drunk driving defense may mean the difference between losing your license and maintaining your driving privileges; our firm is accepting new clients at this time and is prepared to help people protect their rights against pending drunk driving charges.